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OPAP SPORTS LTD encourages responsible gaming and develops actions for the prevention, protection, and treatment in cases of addiction. Please spend some time to read the betting rules.

By ‘’Safer Gambling’’ we mean a series of actions aiming at protecting and preventing the general public and especially the most vulnerable social groups (e.g. minors) from dependency and addiction to gambling.

More specifically, OPAP SPORTS LTD is developing actions for Safer Gambling which aim at informing the players:

  • On how to maximize the entertainment offered by Betting or other Games of Chance and how to avoid the dangers they present.
  • On the betting rules.

A player may set:

  1. deposit limit: the maximum amount that the player may credit their account with for a specified period.
  2. stake limit: the maximum amount that the player may bet on a specified period and/or the maximum amount that the player may stake on each bet: Provided that, for the purposes of calculating the amount, any amount given to the player through an offer or promotional action must not be included.
  3. “time out” period: the period abstaining from OPAP SPORTS LTD services, which does not exceed three (3) months (it should be offered for at least the following periods: twenty-four (24) hours, seventy-two (72) hours, one week (1) or one (1) month.
  4. availability period: the period refraining from OPAP SPORTS LTD services, either on a daily basis, or on a specific day or days, so that the player’s access is prevented during the player’s working hours or resting hours.

      OPAP SPORTS LTD allows the registered player to participate in betting, provided that the player has set a deposit limit. This limit will not be in effect for the player’s first deposit. OPAP SPORTS LTD urges the player to set a deposit limit at their registration or immediately after, during their logging onto the webpage.

      Furthermore, the player is automatically notified, via electronic notification, as soon as their deposits have exceeded 80% of the set limit.

      Recall of a limit or any modification to it which results to reduced player protection may only be carried out seven (7) days after OPAP SPORTS LTD receives the player‘s electronic request, whereas any modification which results to increased player protection shall have an immediate effect upon receiving the relevant electronic request.

      • A player may request self-exclusion:
      1. for a definite time period that is between six (6) and twelve (12) months, or
      2. for an indefinite period of time over twelve (12) months. Provided that, no message, advertisement or promotional action is sent to the player during the period of self-exclusion or after the period’s completion, until the player reconnects and reoperates their account.

        Self-exclusion for a definite period is terminated automatically upon its completion, without requiring any action by the player, whereas self-exclusion for indefinite period is only terminated seven (7) days after the bookmaker receives the player’s electronic request, that is, after the completion of the self-exclusion indefinite period of at least 12 months.

        • Universal self-exclusion:

        From 20.02.2024, the National Self-Exclusion Platform of the National Betting Authority ( is put into operation.

        What is it?

        The National Self-exclusion platform facilitates players to control their betting and voluntarily exclude themselves from all online bookmakers who are licensed in the Republic of Cyprus free of charge.

        What is National Self-exclusion?

        The National Self-exclusion is a process that allows players to control their access to online betting websites. The player acknowledges that their betting activity has brought gambling related harm on their life, hence, they may use the self-exclusion tool for a more effective control of their betting activity. A player may be self-excluded from all National Betting Authority licenced betting websites either temporarily or for an indefinite period. During the self-exclusion period, the player has access to their current account only for the purpose of withdrawing their deposits and cannot create a new account in a licenced bookmaker’s website.

        Type of self-exclusion:

        Short term exclusion:

        • 24 hours
        • 72 hours
        • 1 week
        • 1 month
        • Other option until 3 months

        Long term exclusion:

        • 6 months
        • 12 months
        • 5 years
        • Indefinite
        • Other option more than three months


        Responsible Player is someone who:

        • Set a monetary threshold for Betting or playing other Games of Chance from the beginning and never exceed it for any reason.
        • Does not borrow money to play.
        • Does not play money allocated to other everyday needs.
        • Does not try to break even by gambling more money.
        • Is aware and well-informed and believe he cannot affect betting or other games of chance.
        • Does not consume alcohol and is in a good mental health state so his perception and judgement are not negatively affected.

        What does a smart Player do?

        • He avoids spending money allocated to other needs on betting or other Games of Chance.
        • He stops playing or he plays less in order to secure the money allocated to other needs.
        • He avoids spending small sums of money or changing too often to participate in Games of Chance.
        • He does not play to win back lost money.
        • He avoids considering Games of Chance as the solution to his problems and worries.
        • He never borrows money to play.
        • He considers the money he spent to play as the price one plays to have fun.
        • He does not lie to their loved ones for the money or the time he spent playing.
        • He seeks help from specialists when he realizes he tends to spend more or play more often.
        • He does not abandon his work or studies to play.
        • He does not play when he feels sad, lonely, bored, emotionally charged, or stressed.
        • He always set limits on gaming and NEVER goes beyond!
        • He always only plays the amount of money he had set from the start.
        • He stops playing when he reaches their predetermined monetary threshold.
        • He is aware of the time he spends playing and of the sums he spends.
        • He uses the self-exclusion feature when possible.
        • He is informed of the odds of winning.


        For a Player who has crossed boundaries by engaging in Games of Chance, it is important to realize that:

        • He is not alone in his problem, and he can find understanding and support either in familiar faces or in specialists.
        • It is important that he is honest with himself as well as with others.
        • He must be prepared for the withdrawal effects.
        • He will be able to help himself by finding activities that will distract him from Games of Chance.

        The help and support of family and friends of Players who deal with addiction to Games of Chance may be key in their rehabilitation.

        We help our addicted friend by:

        • Accepting him as he is. Denouncing him may make his situation worse.
        • Encouraging him to realize his addiction.
        • Explaining that he is responsible for his actions.
        • Motivating him to change.
        • Encouraging him to accept help from mental health professionals or self-help groups.


        If someone believes that he has an issue relating to Betting or other Games of Chance (or he believes that a member of his family or a friend does), he may call the National help lines 1454 for people above 22 years old and 1456 for people up to 22 years old.

        Also, you can learn about all the available programs of rehabilitation and emotional support here.


        The blocking software is a computer program which restricts access to websites available online.

        There are two types of blocking and protection software:

        1. A general blocking software designed to block access to websites chosen by the persons and imposing parental control.
        2. A special software to block betting websites.

        Here you can find examples of website blocking software which are either offered for free or with a fee. OPAP SPORTS LTD encourages Players to do their research and decide for themselves, based on their own criteria.

        OPAP SPORTS LTD shall in no case be considered liable for the software Players shall choose to install.


        Please fill in the questionnaire here to find out whether your betting hobby is an issue.

        If for some reason you are not satisfied, you have the right to contact the National Betting Authority of Cyprus, Address: Digeni Akrita 83, 1070 Nicosia, Telephone Number: +357 22881800, Email:

        The Safer Gambling Policy has been approved by the National Betting Authority of Cyprus on 19/02/2024.

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        OPAP SPORTS Limited, with registration number HE133603, is a Cypriot company registered at 128-130 Lemesos Avenue, 1st floor, 2015 Strovolos, Nicosia. Betting activities are licensed and regulated by the National Betting Authority of Cyprus under Class B bookmaker’s license: B017-01/01/2023. This website is operated by OPAPBET, a registered trademark of OPAP SPORTS Ltd.

        Participation in games of chance may cause addiction and have an adverse economic impact. Play responsibly. Access to persons under 18 years of age is strictly prohibited. Anyone who invites, encourages or allows a minor to participate in betting activities is guilty of a criminal offence.

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