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The “Cash Out” service gives the players greater control over their bets. Now players can cash out their bets before the start of an event (pre-game) or/and during the event (In Play-Live). Basically there is no need to wait for the event to be concluded.

Cash Out is available:

  • In selected betting markets and sports categories
  • Before the events kick off (Pre-Game) and during in-play (Live)
  • On single accepted or/and multiple bets.
  • In a variety of different sports including Football, Tennis and basketball.

How it works:

The “Cash Out” amount is determined by the time the action is performed and depend upon the current odds availability, for that matter it may be less than or greater that the initial stake amount.

If a change occurs in the cash out amount offered, after the initial authorization is granted and the time the cash out process in completed, where the amount offered is less than the amount origianlly offered then the transaction is automatically suspended. However, in cases where the offered amount is greater that the original cash out amount offered then the transaction is properly executed offering the greater amount to the customer who is notified via an on screen message.

The "Cash Out" procedure may not be completed in situations when during the process one of the selections is not available or when one of the selection odds used to perform the calculation has changed.


  1. A betting slip with 5 selections, 4 playing on a Saturday and 1 on Sunday. All 4 Saturday selections are successful and 1 selection is pending for Sunday. The remaining selection is offered for cash out and the cash out amount offred is based on the successful selection odds and the current available selection odd for the remaining selection. The player has the opportunity and the option to accept the cash out amount or decline it and leave the bet to run and be competed after the end of the last match on the slip.
  2. Team A to win on a singles maatch bet. After 20 minutes f play Team A leads by 2-0 and is clear favorite for the win. However there are is always the risk it may not. Cash out gives the customer the chance to eliminate any risk by cashing out before the completion of the match. In case a scoreless match (0-0) reaches halftime and the odds are not in favor for a successful bet, Cash Out gives the opportunity to minimize losses despite the amoun being smaller than the one originally staked.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The cash out option is available in various events, including sport events such as Football, Tennis and Basketball. Cash out will be available for selected betting markets and events , before an event’s kick off (Pre Game) and during play (Live), for as long as there are available odds.
  2. For cash out to be allowed the maximum number of selections allowed must be satisfied with winning selections or with selections with available odds before kick-off (pre-game) or during in play (Live). For example: on a slip with 4 selections all treble accepted , where 2 out of 4 have already won, but even 1 of the remaining selections has no available odds Cash Out will NOT be allowed.
  3. If an odd changes or a market is suspended then the cash out may not be possible.
  4. After a successful cash out transaction is completed an informative receipt will be printed showing the cashed out amount, which is the slip’s final settlement amount. The customer may redeem the cashed out amount by presenting the original betting slip, which contains the original QR code, to the agent.
  5. The amount on the informative receipt will be the official final settlement amount for the original betting slip.
  6. After the successful cash out process and the consequent printing of the informative receipt, no cancellation can occur whatsoever, neither on the original betting slip nor the cash out process (informative receipt).
  7. The cash out amounts offered are final and non-negotiable and the company will not take part in any arguments regarding those amounts.
  8. Where one or more selections have been voided because of abandonment or cancellation, the cash out amount will be calculated based on the available odds of the remaining selections.
  9. The company cannot and will not guarantee the availability of the cash out for the customer’s selection, even if the selected event is available during in play. The company does not recommend bet placement solely based on cash out as cash out may not be available.
  10. The company cannot guarantee cash out availability on any events or betting markets at any time, even if those have been available in the past.
  11. The company will not be responsible if the cash out option is not available due to technical reasons. In such a case all bets will stand as originally placed.
  12. The company reserves the right to suspend or remove the cash out option altogether at any time, for any event or betting market.
  13. The maximum cash out amount allowed is 20,000 euro per slip. The company reserves the right to readjust the maximum amount however and when-ever it chooses. Any readjustment or modification will have the approval of the National Betting Authority.
  14. The cash out option will not be available for betting slips placed as free bets, or betting slips that have been placed and are eligible for bonus or are part of any running bonus scheme.
  15. The company reserves the right to reverse cash out settlements if a slip or a bet market has been wrongfully settled.


Version 2

These Terms & Conditions have been approved by the NBA on 21/04/2023.

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